The Pesach (Passover) Binder





For those of us who celebrate Pesach in our homes, preparation can be a daunting task.  I want to introduce you to my Pesach binder system in the hopes that it can ease some of this year’s stress and set you up beautifully for the next year.

  1.  Acquire and clearly label a 3 ring binder “Pesach Binder”
  2. Acquire and label dividers ” Pesach Prep Schedule”,” Pesach Shopping List”, Pesach Purchase for Next Year”, “Pesach Master List”( for all of your Pesach stuff in storage), Pesach Seder Checklist”, “Pesach Recipes”and “Notes”.
  3. Download templates from link below. Print (make sure to print extras) and insert into binder.
  4. Fill in various templates.  Be sure to note what you used this year at the end of the holiday so you can adjust your shopping next year.  I also like to have an itemized list on my storage boxes so I can easily find items.

Make sure to keep your binder in a place you will remember and not packed into a box going back into storage! Most of all have a wonderful holiday!!

Pesach Shopping Inventory

Pesach Master List

Pesach Prep Schedule

Pesach Purchase for Next Year



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