The Magic Shoe Box

As a personal organizer I do not usually promote saving items just because they might come in handy some day.  One exception to this is shoe boxes*.  A lot of people feel they hit a stumbling block when they begin to tackle a project.  Most often it is the belief that without containers of the exact color, style or size they can not proceed.  In truth, what they are focused on is second tier organizing, a close relative to decorating. Shoe boxes let you jump right into your project.  Sorting papers, snacks, spices , toys etc., just grab a Sharpie and some Post Its and get going.

Most likely you will not finish in one sitting .  Shoe boxes allow you to be able to move your stuff out of the way, maintain the work you’ve done and not get everything swept up again into one big pile.  Then when you your ready for your next organizing session you’re ready to go. After your project is finished you will have a real sense of what container will work best for your needs.  Feel free to stick with the boxes especially if they will be in a closed cabinet or when your heading out to Target, HomeGoods or WalMart you can pick up something a little more decorative.

*  any plastic bin you have around can work too.



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