Ready , Set, Go…..

I don’t know about you, but I don’t have the longest attention span.  Looking back at my most productive moments, I realized that I was the most  successful if I set a twenty minute time frame in which to tackle less preferred tasks.  Instead of being overwhelmed I could move past the procrastination with the mantra of “it’s only twenty minutes.”  Well it turns out you can get a lot done in twenty minutes!  While sometimes I will continue working past my time limit other times I really will stop at twenty minutes.  The point is once you get started often times the momentum will keep you going.  So much so that if you need to stop what your doing you may end up wanting to go back for more.  In particular, this philosophy plays a key role in my organizing technique.  Most people don’t have hours and days to devote to organizing projects. My goal is to share some great techniques that will clear up some of your more organizationally challenged areas in a time efficient, economical and mostly painless way.   Set your timer for 20 minutes and let’s go!


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